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Bystronic brake press BLS 6m bed laser Kingsland multi-steelworker and ESAB pulsed arc welder Murex weld 5 Axis Laser 5 Axis Laser 2 KW Prima Industries 5 Axis Lasers
ELC Laser Machinery and Capacity
Constant investment and expansion within the ELC Laser Group has enabled us to remain at the top of the field with innovative machinery leading the way in sheet metal cutting, castings, forgings and metal welding and fabrication requirements allowing ELC Laser Group to meet and satisfy our customers requirements every time.

Services include:

General Engineering, Forming, Folding, Welding, Wet Spray Painting, Powder Coating and Electroplating.

Design and fabricate to customers specific requirements providing a world - wide rapid response service at cost effective rates.

Laser Cutting of metals and materials for building and architectural applications.

Laser Cutting of RHS, RSA, and 'H' Beams for the Construction Industry.

Laser Processing of Ceramic, Ferrite and Dielectric for the electronic sector.

Laser Cutting of Tubes for Pharmaceutical, Industrial and Mechanical applications.

Laser Processing of Medical Implant materials.

Fabrication of Sub and Final Assembly components for Mechanical, Petro-Chemical, Electronic and Hydraulic Engineering sectors.

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