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Approved Welding Procedure Specifications to EN 288-3

EN 288

Specification and approval of welding procedures for metallic materials

Part 1 : 1992. General rules for fusion welding

This standard defines general rules for the specification and approval of welding procedures for metallic materials. It also refers to several other standards as regards detailed rules for specific applications.

It is assumed that the welding procedure specifications are used in production by competent welders, approved in accordance with the relevant part of BS EN 287.

This standard presupposes production by conventional welding equipment under direct control of the welder. This standard may not be sufficient for fully automatic or robotic welding, without direct human control (intelligent welding system).

This standard applies when approval of the welding procedure is required, e.g. by either contract, standards, rules or legal requirements.

The use of a particular method of approval of a welding procedure is often a mandatory requirement of an application standard (e.g. BS 5500, BS 2790, BS 1113). In the absence of such a requirement the method of approval shall be agreed between the contracting parties at the enquiry or at the order stage.

Part 2 : 1992. Welding procedure specification for arc welding

This standard specifies requirements for the content of welding procedure specifications for arc welding processes. The principles of the standard may be also applied to other fusion welding processes subject to agreement between the contracting parties.

Part 3 : 1992. Welding procedure tests for the arc welding of steels

Replaces BS 4870 : Part 1 : 1981.

Specifies how a welding procedure specification is approved by welding procedure tests. Defines conditions for the execution of welding procedure tests and limits of validity for an approved welding procedure within a range of variables. Applies to the arc welding of steels although the principles of the standard may be applied to other fusion welding processes. Covers preliminary welding procedure specification (p WPS); welding procedure tests; test pieces; examination and testing; non-destructive examination; destructive tests; Welding Procedure Approval Record (WPAR). This is the English language version of EN 288 : Part 3. Incorporates AMD 10026.

Tests shall be carried out in accordance with the standard unless more severe tests are specified by the relevant application standard or contract.

The standard applies to the arc welding of steels. The principles of the standard may be applied to other fusion welding processes subject to agreement between the contracting parties.

Arc welding covers the following processes as defined in ISO 4063:

111 metal arc welding with covered electrode (MMA)
114 flux cored wire metal arc welding without gas shield
12 submerged arc welding (SAW)
131 metal arc inert gas welding (MIG)
136 metal arc active gas welding (MAG)
141 tungsten inert gas welding (TIG)
15 plasma arc welding

The standard specifies the tests required for each configuration of weld, plus the range of approval for parent metal, thickness, pipe diameter and type of joint.

Publisher: British Standards Institution

(BSI) Reference:

BS EN 288-1 : 1992 ISBN: 0 580 20433 2 14 pp.
BS EN 288-2 : 1992 ISBN: 0 580 20434 0 12 pp.
BS EN 288-3 : 1992 ISBN: 0 580 20509 6 42 pp.